Considered one of the largest artificial lakes in the country, Thac Ba lake was created in the middle of the mountain when an electric dam was built in 1970. The place is now a remarkable community tourism destination in northern Vietnam.

The nature of Thac Ba lake

Created on the Chay River, Thac Ba lake covers an area of 24,300 hectares, with an area of about 20,000 hectares and the rest consisting of islands. Thac Ba lake is 80 km long, representing between 3 and 4 billion m3 of water and an average depth of 46 to 58 m.

In addition to the natural landscape, Thac Ba lake makes an important contribution to environmental protection. The high humidity and annual rainfall ranging from 1,700 mm to 2,000 mm make the vegetation very lush.

What to do at Thac Ba lake ?

The caves

One of the attractions of Lake Thac Ba is that it consists of 1331 islands and islets, forming caves and charming mountain landscapes.

After several hours of walking on the water, travellers can visit caves such as: Thuy Tien, Xuan Long,... The cave of Thuy Tien ("water fairies"), located about 100 meters deep in the mountain. This cave is linked to the legend of the beautiful fairies who played at Thac Ba lake. By visiting nature's masterpiece with its system of colourful stalactites, visitors have the impression of getting lost in a legendary world.

Boat trip on the lake

In the middle of nature, immense water and wind, you feel more relaxed by observing the simple life of the inhabitants: a small fishing boat sailing on calm waters, the fisherman setting his traps at the end of the day or a house on piles leaning against a mountain.

Cao Mountain Good

Cao Bien Mountain is the largest and longest mountain range in Thac Ba lake. Staying at the top of Cao Bien in the morning or waiting for the sunset on the lake allows you to experience magical moments.

Thac Ba - Northern Vietnam - Ngoi Tu hamlet
Landscape of the countryside in Thac Ba

Community tourism at Thac Ba lake

On the side of Thac Ba lake, several villages of the Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan ethnic groups... live from agriculture and fishing. They preserve their cultural identity well. We suggest you spend a night with the Dao people in a house on stilts in the village of Vu Linh. The comfort is simple but present and the place is clean. Sharing a moment of life with the local population will make your trip to Vietnam rewarding and humane.

The Ngoi Tu hamlet in Vu Linh commune in Yen Binh district, inhabited mainly by the Dao ethnic group, has been adapted to accommodate travellers. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rhythm of the daily life and cultural activities of these inhabitants of North Vietnam.

Spending a night in the village to make the most of local life, travellers also have the chance to discover the exquisite flavours of traditional Dao ethnic dishes such as: Baked bamboo rice, wild banana blossom salad, bamboo chicken, shrimp salad. All these dishes will give your trip to North Vietnam a unique flavour.