Health, medicines and hospitals in Vietnam


Vaccines against hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis, rabies and typhoid are recommended.


Make sure you have adequate travel insurance and funds available to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation, as you may have to pay right away and be reimbursed later.

If you bring prescription drugs to Vietnam, we advise you to bring them in your carry-on baggage and get a copy of your prescription.

Clinics and hospitals

The quality of care provided in the international hospitals of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is very good. International clinics in the city offer a wide range of services and treatments. Services such as checkups, dental implants, laser eye surgery, prosthetics, vertebral surgery and cosmetic surgery are at the forefront.

Your passport and health insurance card are needed.

Know that if your insurer does not have an agreement with the medical center, you will have to pay the doctor or the hospital / clinic for the care received. Be sure to keep your bills so that you can claim your health insurance provider's return after your return.

In rural areas, health care is basic. It is better to go to an urban center, even in case of minor injuries.


It would be better to get medicines and contraceptives from your home country.

If you need to buy a drug in a pharmacy, write the exact name of the medicine. When buying a medicine, check the expiry date. Most pharmacies sell products without a prescription.

If you are suspicious about the prices of foreign items or about authenticity not always guaranteed, international clinics have their own pharmacy. This may require an appointment with their doctors to receive a prescription.

Feminine hygiene products can be found in supermarkets.


If you are thinking of eating on the street, keep some Imodium, anti diarrhea and a rehydrating agent in case you have digestive or intestinal problems. Eat in well-frequented places, always peel fruits, avoid raw vegetables and uncooked meats.

Malaria is not endemic in cities, but dengue fever is still a possibility. So be careful and be sure to use a mosquito repellent, especially if you are traveling in mountainous areas. Antimalarial tablets may also be taken (there is still no prophylactic treatment for dengue fever).

Suggestion of some other types of drugs that you can put in your medical kit:

- Drug against motion sickness

- Aspirin or paracetamol

- Antiseptic or disinfectant for cuts and superficial scratches

- Dressings

- Oily cream to treat sunburn

- Tablets to sterilize water

The water

In Vietnam, tap water is not drinkable. Be sure to drink only bottled or boiled water. Big five-liter bottles at supermarkets are cheap.