Best season to go to Vietnam

Vietnam has the shape of an "S" and the distance between the two ends of the country is important. As a result, there are significant differences in altitude and latitude within the country, leading to differences in climate between the north, center and south of the country. 

There is no season really more favorable than another to visit the country because the climate and temperature of one area is not the same as in another area.

If we really had to give an idea, we would agree that the period from November to April is the best season to go to Vietnam. But let's take a closer look at each area of the country individually.

When to go to North Vietnam?

The best time to visit the North of the country runs from November to April, which is winter, which can be cool and dry. Around Hanoi, the temperature is not too high, unlike the rest of the year, which is nice. In the mountains further north, the climate will be wetter and warmer but just as pleasant.

It is quite possible to enjoy the north of the country the rest of the year, but some climatic elements may sometimes be problematic. For example, from May to October, temperatures can reach 40 ° C. July and August are also characterized by heavy rains, which can totally prevent you from enjoying parts of the North such as the famous Halong Bay.

When to go to Vietnam Center?

Although the center of the country is more or less significant throughout the year, the period from January to May is the best time to discover it. From June to August, the problem of the very important heat resurfaced.

When to go to South Vietnam?

Southern Vietnam is the hottest part of the country all year long.

To go there, try to favor the period from December to April, which corresponds to the dry and sunny period.

The period with the most precipitation is from July to September. In the Mekong Delta it is not totally disturbing because it helps to cool the air and it usually does not rain until late afternoon. On the other hand, some other destinations of the south lose a lot of interest because the rain is too important. Remember that the heat in the south is constantly present, whether it rains or not.